OKAMOCHI COFFEE is a ready-to-go mobile kit that enables you to brew coffee outside, whenever you need a sip. A set of equipments is neatly stored in an okamochi, a Japanese traditional carrying box used for delivery. And of course, there are extra cups for you to share.

  • Size: Width 26 cm x Depth 25 cm x Height 37 cm (including the carrying handle)
  • Weight (with items stored): 5.0 kg
  • What is inside: Gas burner, Gas (Cassette), Water container (1020 ml), Grounded coffee (w/ measure spoon), Percolator, Cups (4), Biscotti, Linen, Paper napkin


  • サイズ:幅 26 cm × 奥行き 25 cm × 高さ 37 cm(把手部をふくむ)
  • 重量(すべてを収納時):5.0 kg
  • 内容:ガスコンロ、カセットガス、ウォーターボトル 1020 ml、コーヒー用キャニスター(計量スプーン)、パーコレーター、カップ(4)、ビスコッティ、リネン、紙ナプキン
Video: Kana Ohashi (yutakana)

We separate to meet again

In understanding the notions and practices of "placemaking" activities, we tend to focus on the ways in which we gather, get to know someone, and make connections. In contrast, when we acknowledge that most of our "placemaking" activities are on-going and dynamic processes, we need to shift our focus to the act of separations and reunions. There, our attempt is to speculate upon our design strategies and communication behavior to smoothly withdraw from the site, and to maintain the relationships thereafter.
We assume that a successful separation will lead to the sustainability of the place itself, and thus identical places may emerge repeatedly. Based on the understanding that we are always “on the move (Urry, 2007),” the Project aims to focus on the techniques and attitudes toward organization of our communication and "placemaking" activities.
Okamochi Coffee is one of the studies conducted for “We Separate to Meet Again” Project (2015-present)
「おかもちコーヒー」は、2015年度からすすめている「爽やかな解散」プロジェクトにおける習作です。 http://vanotica.net/wsmab/